Holger Schmidhuber, Hans-Jürgen Herr

A lot more than just a lecture

TYPO Berlin 2014 ROOTS | Friday, 16 May | 3:00 pm | Hall | German

When Fuenfwerken began in 2009 to help the barbecue manufacturer Weber with its market development activities, Germany was still a “developing country” in terms of barbecue know-how in which burned black steaks dominated and the charmingly characteristic round barbecues were largely unknown.

A thorough marketing strategy in combination with progressive communication approaches created a strong image and this issued a clear statement concerning the look that had dominated the bbq world until then. An entire lifestyle was created, one that took a conscious attitude towards the theme of pleasure in order to increase the intensity and visible presence of the brand

The result has been an enormous increase in awareness of the Weber brand. People are much more clued on to the themes of barbecuing and pleasure now and the bbq-season is 365 days a year.

Hans-Jürgen Herr, President of Weber’s EMEA markets as well as Managing Director of the Weber-Stephen Central and Eastern-Europe Unit, together with Prof. Holger Schmidhuber, founder and chairman of the board at Fuenfwerken Design AG, will be showing in the lecture, how they managed to establish a brand and a lifestyle at the same time.

Holger Schmidhuber

Holger Schmidhuber

Founding member and chairman / Fuenfwerken Design (Wiesbaden)

Holger Schmidhuber studied painting and communications design in Wiesbaden and New York. He is a co-founder and chairman of the agency Fuenfwerken Design AG. The core of his work is strategic brand promotion, and the development of systematic concepts for corporate design and identity. He is a member of the…
Hans-Jürgen Herr

Hans-Jürgen Herr

Hans-Jürgen Herr, born in 1969, was a Managing Director with Weber-Stephen Europe for more than ten years, before he became the company’s EMEA Manager in 2013. Weber is the leading manufacturer of charcoal, gas and electric grills, and barbecue equipment.

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