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Holger Schmidhuber

Holger Schmidhuber

Founding member and chairman / Fuenfwerken Design (Wiesbaden)

Holger Schmidhuber studied painting and communications design in Wiesbaden and New York. He is a co-founder and chairman of the agency Fuenfwerken Design AG. The core of his work is strategic brand promotion, and the development of systematic concepts for corporate design and identity. He is a member of the Type Directors Club in New York, the International Design Center Berlin (IDZ), and the Art Directors Club, New York. He lectures at universities, companies, and trade conferences.

Holger Schmidhuber has been teaching at various colleges and universities since 2003. From 2008 – 2009, he held a professorship for visual communications at the Free University in Bolzano, Italy; he has been a professor in the time-based media design course at the Mainz University of Applied Sciences since 2010. He is also a visual artist who has shown his work internationally.

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