Johannes Bergerhausen

Das Medium ist die halbe Botschaft: Typografie, Zeichen & Semiotik

TYPO Berlin 2015 Character | Friday, 22 May | 12:00 pm | Hall | German

Remarkably, although designers read, interpret and create characters day in and day out, typography barely references semiotics, the theory of signs and symbols. In an amusing, richly illustrated presentation chock full of characters, Johannes Bergerhausen ventures into uncharted territory such as palaeography and vexillology. Along the way, he shows us what the ancient Babylonians had in common with Otl Aicher.

Johannes Bergerhausen © Ilka Helmig

Johannes Bergerhausen

Professor of Typography and Book Design / University of Applied Science Mainz (Mainz)

Prof. Johannes Bergerhausen was born in 1965 and studied communication design. In 1993, he moved to Paris, where he worked with Grapus founders Gérard Paris-Clavel and Pierre Bernard on various projects, including the Centre Pompidou. Bergerhausen originally planned to stay in France for a year, but ended up spending seven…

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