Marina Willer

Branding and Spaces

TYPO London 2011 Places | Saturday, 22 October | 10:00 am | english

My talk will be about the relationship between branding and spaces, buildings, architecture….

Buildings are frameworks that come to life when people start using them.
They then evolve constantly. In a similar way, brands are often becoming open systems that incorporate change.

In the talk, I’ll share some of the experiences I had collaborating with architects like Herzog and de Meuron and Richard Rogers.

Sometimes public buildings are so iconic that they become brands in themselves. What role does the brand identity play in that context, what is the relationship?

I believe that the most powerful brands for public spaces are those where space, content and design, all adds up to a coherent story.

Marina Willer

Marina Willer

Designer and film-maker Marina Willer is the leading creative director at Wolff Olins London. Originally from Brazil, she has been living and working in London for 15 years. Marina is best known for having designed the now world famous Tate logo, part of brand work which led UK culture to…

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