Joachim Sauter

Poetry is the new black

TYPO San Francisco 2015 Focus | Thursday, 30 April | 2:00 pm | YBCA Theater | English

In a time where any information at any time and anywhere is accessible immediately and directly, poetry comes back to focus. It is a a form of communication, which is indirect, has to be deciphered and metaphorically decoded. This goes hand in hand with a renaissance of the tangible as a reaction to the virtualization of our world. As media designers we refocussed from the virtual information design to tangible poetry.


Joachim Sauter

Media Designer (Berlin, Germany)

After graduating from the academy of fine arts in Berlin, Joachim Sauter studied at the 'German Academy for Film and Television', Berlin. Since the early 1980s, he has been working as a media artist and designer. From the beginning, Joachim Sauter has focussed on digital technologies and is experimenting how…

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