Arin Fishkin

Designing for Burning Man

TYPO San Francisco 2015 Focus | Friday, 01 May | 5:00 pm | Screening Room | English

Designing for Burning Man for over 12 years has provide me with some unique experiences and artwork to share. I’ll be talking about finding my own path as an independent graphic designer, supporting a uniquely structured client like the BMORG, and how that big guy and I have grown over the years.

Plus my own photos and some of my favorite images by professional photographers from over 25 years of Burning Man archives.


Arin Fishkin

Independent Graphic Designer (San Francisco, California)

Arin Fishkin is an independent graphic designer who creates brands and materials for unique San Francisco businesses. Arin Fishkin Graphic Design has been based in the Mission for over 15 years, creating award winning work for Burning Man, Black Rock Solar and Bi-Rite Market, with logos appearing in multiple LogoLounge and I Heart Logos books. Arin…

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