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TYPO Berlin – the annual rendezvous of the international design scene

The international “TYPO Berlin” design conference features presentations from pioneering designers, professors, marketing mavens, academics, artists, journalists and much more. A wide variety of approaches to communication and design will be on display and open to discussion. The TYPO conference provides inspiration, clues you in on experimental endeavours, fosters exchange and is a creative networking playground for both communications professionals and student beginners.

Each TYPO has a topical theme, which the invited guests explore in their own personal ways. It might be trends in society, personal ideas, technical innovations or the effective laws of good design.

TYPO Day – the font seminars for pros in German-speaking countries

TYPO Days are one-day seminars where professional designers, brand consultants and publishing experts can get an overview of the current state of digital written communication. The subject matter ranges from aesthetic principles and the significance of typographic quality, to brand building, the demands and opportunities of new output devices, and the newest font products, technologies and applications.

The font seminars, with changing programmes and speakers, tour major cities in German-speaking regions. Look for a date near you.

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