Briar Levit

Designer as Filmmaker

TYPO Berlin 2018 Trigger | Thursday, 17 May | 4:00 pm | Hall | English

In the 90s, graphic designers reckoned with the concept of the designer as author—the idea that graphic designers could create a narrative as well as shape it visually. It took some convincing, but today it’s a generally accepted part of the discipline. And what a time to have “permission” to create our own stories! The tools and technology to make and distribute them are more accessible than ever.  In this talk I will investigate how my graphic design experience informed the making of my first feature-length documentary, Graphic Means, from concept to editing to promotion.


Briar Levit

Designer & Filmmaker (Portland, Oregon)

Briar Levit is an Assistant Professor at Portland State University, and graduate of Central St. Martins College of Art & Design. Originally from the California Bay Area, her graphic design practice consists primarily of page design, with a special interest in independent magazine publishing, small presses, and walking guides (which she has…

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