Jonathan Key

Designing to Amplify

TYPO Berlin 2018 Trigger | Thursday, 17 May | 3:00 pm | Hall | English

Jon Key will talk about design as a means to amplify and empower communities with a focus on Queer and Trans communities of color. From editorial to poster design, Jon investigates strategies for facilitating community building and making marginalized voices visible. In today’s world of racial tensions and alternative facts, the designer can and must be an active combatant in the fight to dismantle oppressive systems. Design can clear space for authentic narratives to (re)emerge.


Jonathan Key

Art director, Designer and Writer (Brooklyn)

Jon Key is an art director, designer, and writer. He is a partner/co-founder of the Brooklyn based design studio Morcos Key. His collaborations have lead him to work with a diverse set of clients and institutions as designer, educator, and artist including HBO, Nickelodeon, IDEO, Grey Advertising, The Public Theater, MICA, American University in Beirut, Parsons and the…

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