TYPO Berlin 2013 Touch | Thursday, 16 May | 3:00 pm | Stage | German

What is the situation of typographic newcomers in Germany today? How do students deal with typography? What is typographic training in Germany and abroad like?

typoversity2 will offer answers to these questions. The new volume is a follow-up to the successful first edition, including an overview of the typographic training at German colleges and universities. The presentation will focus on extraordinary typographic projects by students and include interviews with lecturers at national and international academies.

typoversity 2 will be published in May 2013.


Andrea Schmidt

Andrea Schmidt is a typographer and designer based in Berlin. A lecturer for Typography at FH Potsdam, UdK Berlin and CAA Hangzhou (China), she has carried out research in the field of “Multilingual Typography”, for example at the design2context Institute at HDK Zürich (2008-2010), and in the field of “Intercultural…
Patrick Marc Sommer

Patrick Marc Sommer

Graphic Designer, Co-publisher, Editor (Berlin)

Patrick Marc Sommer is co-publisher and editor of the magazine Design made in Germany. He works freelance in Berlin, specialising in publication design and production, with a focus on typography. His projects have included books, magazines, and annual reports, among others. Sommer was a member of the jury for the…

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