Nick Shinn

The Look of Sound: Marketing, products and technology in the American record industry, 1888–1967

TYPO San Francisco 2013 Contrast | Thursday, 11 April | 1:00 pm | Forum Building

An investigation into how new media creates voids that take shape as they suck up content, and how—against the grain of technological determinism—marketing and design influence the cultural formats that emerge. Three innovations are examined: the 78 rpm disc in 1898, the LP in 1948, and stereo in 1958.

This talk will be accompanied by illustrations of records and record players, branding, advertising, collateral and packaging (album covers), with contemporary sound clips.

This recording is not available at the request of the speaker.

Shinn, Nick_Original

Nick Shinn

Nick Shinn, R.G.D. was born in London in 1952, educated at Bedford, and acquired a Dip.AD in Fine Art (1974) from Leeds Polytechnic. He lived in Toronto from 1976 to 2009, then moved 60 km north to Orangeville, Ontario. In the 80s he worked as an advertising art director and…

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