Nina Stössinger

The Importance of Being Ernestine

TYPO Berlin 2012 sustain | Thursday, 17 May | 3:00 pm | TYPO Show | English

A perhaps partly amusing account of Nina Stössinger’s very serious journey into the jungle that is typeface design: A tale of joys and challenges on the path to completing her first publicly released font family, and a musing on learning to draw, and learning to see; on the responsibility that lies in designing letters; on collaboration and self-sufficiency, substance and seriousness, passion and perseverance – on being earnest, and making FF Ernestine.

Nina Stössinger ©Marina Chaccur

Nina Stössinger

Type Designer, Typographer (The Hague)

Nina Stössinger (b. 1978), type-obsessed designer & overall curious person. Originally from Basel (Switzerland), Nina studied multi-media design in Halle (Germany) and type design in Zurich and The Hague. She has stayed on in the Netherlands, where she is now running Typologic, her studio for type design, typography, and code.…

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