Matthew Butterick

Rebuilding the Typographic Society

TYPO London 2012 Social | Saturday, 20 October | 11:00 am | Logan Hall

At its best, design is a social act. That’s why at TYPO Berlin, Matthew proposed that “solving problems is the lowest form of design” and that investing our humanity is the highest. At TYPO London, Matthew will continue with this theme, exploring how the printed word remains our most socially vital invention because it illuminates the possibilities of being human. He will also explain why typographers should keep hold of this golden thread, even as today’s technology invites us to let go.


Matthew Butterick

Matthew Butterick is a typographer, writer, and lawyer in Los Angeles. After graduating from Harvard, he worked as a type designer for David Berlow and Matthew Carter. He then founded Atomic Vision, a web-design studio, which was acquired by Red Hat. He attended UCLA law school and became a lawyer…

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