Erik Marinovich

Flow: Lettering in the age of Hip Hop

TYPO Berlin 2016 Beyond Design | Friday, 13 May | 11:00 am | Hall | English

What makes lettering and hip hop so appealing and why are the similarities between them so uncanny? In this talk Erik Marinovich explores the parallels between these art forms and the effects each have on their respective industry and culture at large.

Erik Marinovich Portrait 2015

Erik Marinovich

Lettering Artist / Designer (San Francisco, California)

Erik Marinovich is a San Francisco based lettering artist and designer, and is a co-founder of Friends of Type. Since 2009 he has drawn letters, logos and type for nice folks like: Nike, Target, Google, Hilton, Facebook, Sonos, Sharpie, The Criterion Collection, Air Canada, Gap, Ford Motor Company. In 2012 he co-founded Title Case, a creative…

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