Lasse Fister

Font Bakery

TYPO Labs 2018 How far can we go? | Saturday, 14 April | 4:00 pm | Nave | English

Quality assurance of fonts is a constant requirement for font publishers and every foundry has their own set of tools to ensure that the fonts they publish are in a good condition. However, individual tools are often used, Font Bakery runs checks on TrueType files that are meant to be published at Google Fonts. I was commissioned in 2017 to rewrite it into a modern, modular architecture. My new design takes into account the fact that the software is available under a libre license, and encourages sharing of generally useful checks (eg for the latest OpenType format specifications) while also allowing for foundry/private/custom specifications. The talk will introduce Font Bakery, and unpack the opportunity for foundries to collaborate on technical font quality assurance, and take a peek into the future of font production tooling and publishing workflows.


Lasse Fister

Software Engineer, (Fürth)

Lasse is the lead developer of Metapolator, ufoJS and Atem. At the moment he’s freelancing as a font-engineer for various projects with Google; before that, he did a lot of full-stack web development. He’s into type, creative thinking, programming and has a keen interest in using and making Free/Libre Open…

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