Jean François Porchez

Adding value to the invisibility of typefaces

TYPO Berlin 2015 Character | Thursday, 21 May | 3:00 pm | Show | English

In the beginning was the word. Then came the writing, almost universal way to convey a message in a sustainable way, a thought, an emotion. There is nothing better that writing to visualize something abstract. Designers use writing as a tool to bring the imaginary to the real world. Even as typography has long been understood as the heart of graphic design, it perfectly emphasizes the adage that good design is a design that is not seen. For most readers, typefaces are neither understood nor effectively analyzed but only interpreted (often instinctively) as a tool that supports the reading, despite its omnipresence around us and constantly renewed use. Yet that design work remains transparent to the public. So how does one develop something that is invisible?

Jean Francois Porchez

Jean François Porchez

Type Designer (Clamart)

Founder of Typofonderie, type director of ZeCraft, Jean François Porchez‘s expertise covers both the design of bespoke typefaces, logotypes and typographic consultancy. His expertise enables him to propose bespoke typefaces for Baltimore Sun, Beyoncé Knowles, France Télécom, Nespresso and Yves Saint Laurent Beauty. He is honorary President of the Association…

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