Gesche Joost

Prototypen einer vernetzten Gesellschaft

TYPO Berlin 2013 Touch | Saturday, 18 May | 12:00 pm | Hall | German

What do interactive quilts, living mobile phones and tactile gloves have to do with one another? They are prototypes of how research is designed today. Prototyping itself has become a fundamental principle and the opening towards a networked society has become a decisive structure. Here, touch is a principle of interaction and at the same time it describes the comprehensibleness of a technology.


Gesche Joost

Gesche Joost is Professor for Design Research at the University of the Arts Berlin. Since 2005 she has headed the Design Research Lab at the University of the Arts Berlin. With international partners, she developed research and teaching projects in the areas of human-computerinteraction, gender and diversity aspects in technological…

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