Marius Watz

Co-discovering with Machines (Or: Algorithms, our Beautiful and Problematic Friends)

TYPO London 2012 Social | Friday, 19 October | 6:00 pm | Jeffery Hall

A discussion of how algorithms are increasingly affecting our daily lives in ways that are simultaneous bizarre, wonderful and alarming. Furthermore: What are the realities of creating with code? The rise of new practices in information visualization, generative art and motion graphics has gained considerable popular attention, but what happens when algorithms become creative materials? Are we looking at a new creative method based on co-discovering with machines?


Marius Watz

Artist, educator, curator ((NYC/Oslo))

Marius Watz is an artist working with visual abstraction through generative software processes. His work focuses on the synthesis of form as the product of parametric behaviors, with outputs ranging from pure software works to public projections and physical objects produced with digital fabrication technology. Watz has exhibited at venues…

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