Bi–Scriptual – Designing with multiple script systems

TYPO Berlin 2017 Wanderlust | Thursday, 25 May | 3:00 pm | Show | English

Due to globalisation and cross-cultural interactions, multilingualism plays an eminent role all around the world. More and more designers and artists find themselves working for clients of diverse nations and cultural backgrounds.

Ben Wittner and Sascha Thoma will talk about the growing relevance of multilingual graphic and type design describing the challenges of combining different scripts with varying visual precepts and habits.



Design Studio (Berlin)

Ben Wittner and Sascha Thoma both studied visual communications in Pforzheim, Germany. After a few long-term living and working trips to Cairo, Brussels, Paris, Brighton and London they founded Eps51 in Berlin in 2008. The internatio­nally active graphic design studio develo­ps visual concepts with a strong focus on typography and…

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