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Design Studio (Berlin)

Ben Wittner and Sascha Thoma both studied visual communications in Pforzheim, Germany. After a few long-term living and working trips to Cairo, Brussels, Paris, Brighton and London they founded Eps51 in Berlin in 2008. The internatio­nally active graphic design studio develo­ps visual concepts with a strong focus on typography and bilingual design.

As a result of their extensive research on Arabic and Iranian type and graphic design Wittner and Thoma edited the book series Arabesque—Graphic Design from the Arab World and Persia, Die Gestalten Verlag (2008 and 2011). In 2012 they organized the project Right-To-Left comprising an exhibition of contemporary graphic design from the Arab world and Iran featuring more than 160 posters, as well as lectures, discussions and workshops.

Eps51 are currently working on a new book project on multi-script design focusing on 8 different script-systems.

Ben Wittner and Sascha Thoma regularly take part in exhibitions, give lectures and hold workshops.

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