Luna Maurer from Moniker

Connect Your Line to a Line in a Different Color

TYPO San Francisco 2014 Rhythm | Thursday, 10 April | 3:00 pm | YBCA Theater

For the TYPO conference I am approaching our work from the perspective of Rhythm.
As Moniker we are interested in processes rather than products. Wikipedia defines Rhythm as “a regulated succession of elements or conditions” and as “patterns in time”. It seems that our work is very closely related to the this years’ theme. Designing processes involves the repetition of tasks, iterating rules or cycling through codes. Ideally our works are everchanging and never finished. These repetitions turn into slowly growing images, animations, drawings, websites, etc.
We are interested in using the individuality of real people to create a bigger work that surprises us with unexpected behavior and patterns. In this talk I will elaborate on these concepts and their rhythmical connotations.


Luna Maurer from Moniker

Moniker is an Amsterdam based design studio founded in 2012 by Luna Maurer, Jonathan Puckey and Roel Wouters. With Moniker, which means nickname or pseudonym, we work on commissioned design projects while also investing in projects of an autonomous and experimental nature. The studio works across various media for a…

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