Daniel Trattler

Educational computer games for kids

TYPO Berlin 2013 Touch | Thursday, 16 May | 4:00 pm | Show | English

Dogs smell fear and children smell an educational game even if it’s camouflaged with marshmallow frosting and purple hippos. Despite their world-weary senses parents too can usually suss out a children’s site pretending to promote wholesome values when its blackened soul is really all about point and click addiction. Daniel will address these points and other things his team has learned in developing their new work-in-progress children’s website/app StickStar. He will also talk about the ups and downs that occur when agencies start to develop their own products next to their client work.


Daniel Trattler

Born into the chain store despair of the great white people's hatching ground called Long Island, Daniel Trattler escaped at  first chance and moved to big city New York and Chicago. He studied math, created performance art, did scientific experiments and made art zines before moving to Berlin in 1993.…

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