Kirsten Dietz

The future belongs to the brave. Sieben Thesen zu nachhaltig erfolgreichem Design

TYPO Berlin 2012 sustain | Thursday, 17 May | 6:00 pm | TYPO Hall | German

Strichpunkt, a design agency managed by Kirsten Dietz, has been among the top players in the creative rankings for more than a decade. This is a major success, given the fact that we are part of an industry driven by trends, fashions and hypes that change overnight, and in which the hot shots come and go.

How do you stay successful – sustainably? What are do’s and don’ts apply to you, if you want to deliver a top creative performance all the time? How important are stumbling blocks and errors on your way to the top? What is hard work? What is luck? And how does one influence the other? Kirsten Dietz describes the attitude of Strichpunkt when dealing with projects, and shows works which are sustainable in their own way.


Kirsten Dietz

Kirsten Dietz is a designer, typographer, photographer and author. With her agency Strichpunkt she has been one of the most successful creative people in Germany for years. She studied at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, is a member of the Type Directors Club New York, of the…

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