UMPRUM Academy in Prague

The Next Big Thing in Type?

TYPO Labs 2018 How far can we go? | Friday, 13 April | 5:30 pm | Nave | English

UMPRUM: Variable fonts

The Type Design and Typography studio at the UMPRUM Academy in Prague will present the results of the semestral research of variable fonts, which took place in the 2017 Winter semester.

The research had several aims. The primary aim was to become acquainted with innovation in detail, and to verify how far the proclaimed variability can reach. The secondary aim was to find out how students would utilise technical possibilities to realise their ideas of shape mutations of typeface families.

What would be however mostly interesting was whether students could impart an easily recognisable and utilisable character and “content” to such works.

Twelve new typefaces will presented by studio tutor Radek Sidun, together with curators Šimon Matějka and Matej Vojtuš.


UMPRUM Academy in Prague

(Prague, Czech Republic)

The Studio of Type Design and Typography belongs to the traditional schools at the Department of Graphic Arts at UMPRUM Academy in Prague from its very origins up until the current times. Tomáš Brousil, Radek Sidun and Karel Haloun are its current instructors. Students focus on the type design and also on the…

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