Hin-Tak Leung

The revival of Microsoft’s Font Validator

TYPO Labs 2018 How far can we go? | Thursday, 12 April | 3:00 pm | Nave | English

Microsoft’s Font Validator last saw a release in 2003. In 2015, Google persuaded Microsoft to release part of that code in an open-source-friendly license. I completed and filled the missing components and ported to Mac OS X and Linux, and released 2.1 in 2017. This talk will cover some of the lessons learned, and plans and ideas of moving forward.


Hin-Tak Leung

Engineer, Data Scientist

I was trained as a research physicist. I spent about a decade on research of superconducting materials and magnetic thin films, and another decade as data scientist working on genetics of auto-immune diseases and public healthcare. And a few years here and there working in the commercial IT/technology sector. Printing…

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