Aoi Yamaguchi, Schneider TM, Mika Satomi

Linlow: Towards Transcendence – Interactive Calligraphy & Sound Performance

TYPO Berlin 2017 Wanderlust | Thursday, 25 May | 9:00 pm | Hall

Aoi Yamaguchi performs a conceptual and interactive large-scale live calligraphy in collaboration with Berlin-based musician Schneider TM and e-Textile artist Mika Satomi, inspired by the TYPO Berlin 2017’s theme “Wanderlust”.

Calligraphy is a unique art form; it deconstructs and transforms existing linguistic conventions through the calligrapher’s brush. The calligrapher infuses the character with her interpretation of the idea which makes each performance unique. The performance invites you to experience the art of Japanese calligraphy and to explore the connection between the body and the mind as Yamaguchi creates the physical representation of an idea with her brush, stroke by stroke.

During the performance, the calligrapher’s movement is captured by sensors and translated into a signal that controls part of the instruments. Each motion of her brush is enhanced by sensors that augment Schneider TM’s composition adding a unique and powerful modulation and pulsation that entices the audience become part of the piece.

** 琳瑯 (Linlow) is an old Japanese word, meaning:

1. Beautiful gem stones, beautiful poems, poetry

2. The beautiful sound made by beautiful gem stones touching each other.

琳瑯 is cited from one of my favorite authors Soseki Natsume, as he’s written in his book Kusamakura, in quote:「芸術家は無数の琳琅を見、無上の宝璐 (ほうろ) を知る」”Artists sees the countless beautiful poems (literatures / compositions) and knows the greatest treasure”.


Aoi Yamaguchi

Japanese Calligrapher (San Francisco)

Born and raised in Hokkaido, Japan, Aoi Yamaguchi has been trained to master calligraphy learning under Master Zuiho Sato from the age of 6,  She is a recipient of numerous awards and supreme prizes at competitive public exhibitions.  She also uniquely transforms Japanese calligraphy into physical artistic expression through conceptual…
SchneiderTM by Nozomi Matsumoto

Schneider TM

Musician, Composer (Berlin)

Schneider TM is a multidimensional music project of Dirk Dresselhaus, named after his nickname Schneider. Since the late 80's, Dirk has been active in different musical fields. From 1989 until 1997 he played and sang in adventurous rock and pop bands like Hip Young Things and Locust Fudge (both on…
Mika Satomi

Mika Satomi

Designer, Artist (Berlin)

Mika Satomi is a designer and an artist exploring the field of e-Textiles, Interaction Design and Physical Computing. For five semesters, she has been a guest professor at the Weissensee Academy of Art Berlin. She has worked as a researcher at the Swedish School of Textiles and at the Distance…

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