Sol Matas

HT LetterSpacer: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Automatic Spacing But Were Afraid to Ask

TYPO Labs 2018 How far can we go? | Friday, 13 April | 12:30 pm | Nave | English

HT LetterSpacer is a method for spacing glyphs on finished fonts as well as during the design and production process. It proposes a way to measure the white space on the glyphs sides and equalize it according to glyphs groups to define sidebearings and advanced width. This approach can be understood graphically and it can be applied by the type designer in several ways to different types of scripts. Actually it works as Macro script for Glyphs App. As a Libre software, it can be ported to different editors and programming languages. In this talk I will graphically explain the basic ideas behind the method, its origins, its advantages and examples of use.


Sol Matas

Type Designer & Co-founder of Huerta Tipográfica (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Sol Matas is a type designer from Buenos Aires, currently living in Berlin. Graduated from the Universidad de Buenos Aires in Graphic Design, Digital Design and Typeface Design postgraduate programs. Guest Lecturer at the Type Master program at the same institution. Co-founder of the independent and collaborative type foundry Huerta…

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