FontLab VI: Variations Extended -> SEMINAR ROOM 10 | UMWELTFORUM

TYPO Labs 2018 How far can we go? | Saturday, 14 April | 11:30 am | Workshop | English

Dive into the details of variable font creation with FontLab VI in this extended session with Adam and Yuri. The FontLab team will discuss how to set up masters and axes, including intermediate glyph masters, how to efficiently use the FontLab VI user interface to navigate between masters, how to coordinate design changes across masters and prepare incompatible masters for interpolation. Adam and Yuri will also talk about some lessons that the FontLab team has learned in the five months since the public release of FontLab VI, and about the immediate plans for the app. There will also be a questions-and-answers session focused on, but not limited to, the variable fonts capabilities of FontLab VI.

Yuri Yarmola

Yuri Yarmola

(St. Petersburg)

Yuri Yarmola is as Vice President Research & Development of FontLab. He began dabbling with fonts in 1989, and designed the first of many font editors and utilities in 1991. He designed and led development of all versions of FontLab and FontLab Studio, as well as a number of other…

Adam Twardoch

Director of Products, FontLab (Berlin)

Adam Twardoch is Director of Products of FontLab. He also has been working as a font consultant for MyFonts, Monotype, Google, Adobe and many independent font vendors, specializing in font technology, multilingual typography, CSS webfonts, Unicode and OpenType. Adam has been a core member of the initiatives that created the…

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