The Future Of Digital Layout: Cutting-Edge CSS Features

TYPO Berlin 2014 ROOTS | Thursday, 15 May | 5:00 pm | Stage | German

Designing the web can be very cumbersome. Things tend to get out of hand when more advanced visual techniques such as those known from classic media are to be applied. Add in a variety of viewport sizes and you are either lost or doomed. Now, new CSS features allow us to treat the web as a first-class design surface: wrap and clip text around custom shapes, blend together background images and gain much better layout control for your responsive design. Let’s take a look at those techniques!


Andre Jay Meissner

Software developer

Jay is a Metalhead working on Adobe XD. Prior to joining Adobe, he designed and developed complex web apps and human friendly enterprise workflows with his own software company. In his spare time Jay is building his own furniture. He runs IxDA Berlin and Open Device Lab, a nonprofit that help to establish and…

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