Werner Lemberg, Sascha Brawer

The ‘noto-hinted’ project

TYPO Labs 2017 New Dimensions in Type Engineering | Saturday, 08 April | 2:00 pm | Cupola | English

Commissioned by Google, the ‘noto-hinted’ project (set up at github) was the driving force behind ttfautohint in the last two years.  The goal is to provide good automatic hinting for the Noto font family, covering a large set of scripts.  The talk describes the history and setup of the project, together with possible future enhancements.

Werner Lemberg

Werner Lemberg

Software Developer (Vienna)

Werner Lemberg is a software developer with special interest in typography and fonts.  He has written various packages for LaTeX (e.g., the CJK package for typesetting various Asian scripts) and was the maintainer of GNU troff for many years.  Since 20 years he has been part of the FreeType project…

Sascha Brawer

Software Engineer, Google (Switzerland)

As part of Google’s internationalization team, Sascha aus der verschneiten Schweiz works on text rendering and fonts.

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