Schwitters. Theses …

TYPO Berlin 2018 Trigger | Friday, 18 May | 6:00 pm | Hall | German

For the first time, Kurt Schwitters’ famous “Theses of Typography” will be examined through a typographic lens, beginning with Thesis I, “Under certain circumstances, typography can be art”, and continuing to Thesis X, “Content demands of typography that it stress the purpose for which the content is being printed”. Art and aesthetics have often quoted those theses, which appeared in MERZ 11 in 1924, carrying them forward like a holy monstrance, without ever asking what they mean to typography.


Prof. Gerd Fleischmann

Typographer (Ulrichshusen)

Born in Nuremberg in 1939. Evacuated to the Bavarian Forest 1943-45. Beginning in 1954, travel across Europe, Turkey and North Africa – from Norway’s North Cape to the Fezzan in Libya. He studied in Erlangen (physics) and Berlin (art and industrial arts teaching, mathematics), including with professors such as Karl…

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