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Mariana Santos was born in Algarve, Portugal, studied communication design at the University of Fine Arts of Lisboa and felt in love with technology in Stockholm where she did a master in Digital Media. Her role at The Guardian: to combine art with technology, to bring information and data into a more human context. Working as interactive and motion designer she tries to reach readers true storytelling and common sense, not taking herself to serious.

Mark McCormick was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Mark studied information and graphic design at the School of Art and Design in Newcastle and graduated in 2004. He won a scholarship from the Sunday Times which gave him the opportunity to move to London. Since then he has worked for some of the leading newspapers in the UK including The Telegraph and The Observer, aswell as various magazines and design practices. In 2005 Mark was employed at the Guardian to work on the Berliner redesign of the infographics with Michael Robinson, Head of Graphics at the Guardian. Mark continues to work for the Guardian.context.

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