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TYPO Berlin 2018 Trigger | Saturday, 19 May | 1:00 pm | Stage | German

Eight hundred people apply each year – the myth and the challenge of studying visual communication at Berlin’s University of the Arts (UdK). But what actually happens at the UdK Medienhaus (media house) at Kleist Park? The students know best – our trigger for the Basics Blog. Since January 2017, the student editorial team has been documenting the issues of basic design. The “Basics” present projects and processes in the disciplines of images, moving images, space, and interaction. It is aimed at conveying the doctrine and experience of studying design (including targeting applications for the courses), attitude, and authorship. And working on the Basics Blog itself provides practical experience in the digital editorial process.


Judith Holly

Designer (Berlin)

Judith Holly (*94) studies Visual Communication at the UdK Berlin and together with Alix Stria, she runs the Basics Blog. Holly knows when honey needs to be stirred and when she’s not designing construction sites in Berlin's urban space, she rummages through her parents' attic in Austria.

Alix Stria

Designer (Berlin)

Alix Stria (*91) studies Visual Communication at the UdK Berlin and together with Judith Holly, she runs the Basics Blog. Alix is interested in analogue photography, experimental typography and pleasing printed material.

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