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Lupi Asensio

Lupi Asensio (Zaragoza, Spain) and Martin Lorenz (Hannover, Germany) are the founders of TwoPoints.Net. They met in 1999 at the KABK (Royal Academy of Art) of The Hague. At the end of 2005 they moved to Barcelona and in 2007 founded TwoPoints.Net with the aim to do exceptional design work. Work that is tailored to the client’s needs, work that excites the client’s customers, work that hasn’t been done before, work that does more than work. They describe TwoPoints.Net as a small company that thinks big, as they work very internationally.

Besides commissioned design work they teach regulary since 2005 and direct since 2009 the Postgraduate Degree in »Applied Typography« at the Elisava School of Design in Barcelona. Martin and Lupi also write on their doctoral thesis within the framework of the Design Research programme at the UB’s Fine Arts Faculty.

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