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Emory Douglas

Emory Douglas

Artist (San Francisco)

Emory Douglas created the visual identity for the Black Panther Party and his iconic images came to symbolize the struggles of the movement. As the Revolutionary Artist and Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party from 1967 until the 1980s, Douglas’s work, described as ‘Militant Chic’, featured in most issues of the newspaper The Black Panther. His work was characterized by strong graphic images of young African Americans men, women and children. He used the newspaper’s popularity to spur people to action, portraying the poor with empathy and as being unapologetic and ready to struggle for basic human rights.

Douglas continues to create art with social and political concerns art that transcends borders.

Selected exhibitions (solo):

Black Panther: The Revolutionary Art of Emory Douglas, MOCA Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles, CA, 2007–8
Black Panther: The Revolutionary Art of Emory Douglas, Urbis, Manchester, UK, 2008–9
New Museium of Contemporary Art, New York 2009
ZAPANTERA: EDLO Art Space, San Cristóbal De La Casa, Chiapas Mexico 2012
Vertigo Galeria, Mexico City, October 2013

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