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Christoffer Leka

1972 Is born in Helsinki, Finland. // 1976 Visits Disney World. Is awestruck. // 1978 Is expelled from English preschool for being too pedantic. // 1982 Is told by art teacher to forget about a career in art. // 1986 Spends summers sailing around in the archipelago. // 1988 Starts publishing underground comic books with friends. // 1992 Becomes vegetarian while performing the military service. // 1993 Joins the Hare Krishnas, and spends all free time washing pots at the temple. // 1994 Is sent to study graphic design by dismayed mother. // 1996 Founds own publishing company, Absolute Truth Press. // 1998 Meets Kaisa. // 2003 Marries Kaisa. // 2007 Cycles with Kaisa to the Arctic Ocean.

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