Christoffer Leka, Kaisa Leka

They lied! You CAN do only fun things!

TYPO Berlin 2012 sustain | Thursday, 17 May | 7:00 pm | TYPO Show | English

You know how your parents always told you that art is a nice hobby, but life can’t just be fun and games and soon you will need to get a proper job? Well, we think they were wrong! In the 15 years we’ve been publishing comic books and graphic novels we’ve never felt the need to compromise. The only customers we have had to satisfy are ourselves. Which means that we’ve simply designed our books to suit our own idiosyncratic tastes. Beginning and ending with the question what kind of book would I like to read? After which we’ve designed a book like that. To our great surprise, we’ve later on learned that there are others out there who share our peculiar preferences in relation to printed matter. These people we call customers.  And we wish to thank both of them for their ongoing support!

So in our talk we’ll concentrate on how to lose tons of money and have fun while doing so. And as if that isn’t enough we will also speak about two of our books and the reasoning behind their design. The first being our latest publication Expedition no 3 which is fresh of the presses. The second one is a book called Audarya-Lila, one of our most ambitious (and financially devastating) projects. It’s a Japanese-style hand-bound book in three parts about our friend Tuomas who turned from a punk into a monk.


Christoffer Leka

1972 Is born in Helsinki, Finland. // 1976 Visits Disney World. Is awestruck. // 1978 Is expelled from English preschool for being too pedantic. // 1982 Is told by art teacher to forget about a career in art. // 1986 Spends summers sailing around in the archipelago. // 1988 Starts…

Kaisa Leka

1978 Is born in Lahti, Finland. // 1980's Is generally very unhappy. Reads lots of books. // 1996 Discovers comic book art and decides that is what she wants to do. // 1997 Meets Christoffer. // 1998 Starts doing comics. // 2002 Gets both her feet amputated. // 2003 Marries…

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