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Wiebke Koch

Visual Facilitator/Graphic Recorder (Germany)

Koch studied business management in Osnabrück and has worked passionately for more than 20 years at the crossroads of society and economics. Since 2002, she has been particularly keen to support “Changemakers”, which devotes itself to solving problems in society. An obstacle during a village development project in India, and the resulting (re)discovery of the medium of images, inspired her to more consciously integrate visualisation tools in her practice. She now works primarily as a visual facilitator and graphic recorder. That includes illustrations for teaching materials, icons for processes, posters for business model development, and picture minutes recorded live at conferences. Visualisations facilitate a new kind of dialogue. Koch’s simple word-picture combinations help people better understand complex demands. But for companies like Axel Springer, Daimler, or Unilever, as well as public agencies or training facilities, such as the German foreign office, the employment centre, or the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, they also provide a valuable means of getting to the heart of a matter faster, easier, and almost certainly with more fun.


Koch has helped found various international non-profit organisations and enterprises, such as One Umbrella Australia, self eG, HUB Berlin (now Social Impact Lab Berlin) and the glass half full. She teaches strategy and creativity at international business schools in Berlin and Hamburg, and as part of the master’s programme “public policy” at Berlin’s Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance.

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