TYPO Speaker


Sander Neijnens

Graphic Designer (Tilburg)

Graphic designer. Runs his own company Bladvulling since 1991. Besides commissioned work he initiates projects on topics that have his special interest. In 2004 he published the book ‘Shirt numbers’ about the design of numbers on football jerseys. He also wrote two books about the most versatile musical instrument, the accordion: ‘Leporello’ (2006) and ‘The Giulietti Sound’ (2008). Since 2007 he works together with poet Nick J. Swarth in the still running On-Site Poetry project. For this typoetry project he made two modular typefaces. In 2013 he designed the typeface Zwijsen Blokfont that’s used in writing education at Dutch primary schools. His latest project is the design of TilburgsAns, together with illustrator Ivo van Leeuwen.

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