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Konstantin Grcic © Markus Jans

Konstantin Grcic

Industrial Designer (Munich)

Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design (KGID) was founded in 1991. The work includes furniture and industrial design, as well as exhibition space and interior design. KGID works with some of the leading brands in the design industry. Many of the firm’s products have won international design awards and become part of permanent collections in various globally renowned museums. Known for his pared down aesthetic, Konstantin Grcic is often called a minimalist. But he himself prefers the term simplicity. His definition of function tailored to human use is a mixture of formal severity, intellectual acumen and a certain irony. Grcic’s designs are informed as much by his enthusiasm for new technologies and materials, as by his appreciation of architectural and design history.

Photo: Markus Jans

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