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Katrin Niesen

Katrin Niesen began working with the Peter Schmidt Group in 1995. Six years later, she moved on, gathering two years experience as creative director at Lothar Böhm, before moving to Brand Union (previously Enterprise IG), where she handled international accounts for another two years. Niesen has been back with the Peter Schmidt Group since 2005. She is the executive creative director, as well as head of the Hamburg office. Her far-reaching experience served her well when she taught “international package design” at the Hamburg Institute of Design from 2011 to 2013. In January 2018, Niesen assumed responsibility for the branding and packaging design division at the Peter Schmidt Group.


Her focus is consumer branding, brand development, brand positioning, and brand strategy. Niesen helps brands with branding (logo), package design, POS presence, and presentation, as well as communications. Niesen is an expert in FMCG at both the local/national level, as well as the international level. Her current clients include Henkel, Rewe, and many more in the beverage, candy, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food sectors.



iF Award Gold for Persil

iF Award Gold for Rewe Feine Welt

iF Award Gold for John & John

ADC Silber New York for John & John

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