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“One of the lessons taken from Davis’ lecture at TYPO San Francisco was that collaboration is necessary in growth as an artist and always leads to good things. As Davis so wonderfully put it, “Collaboration is a good way to step away from ego.” In an industry that can so easily become narcissistic, we must take a step back and realize that every new collaboration can not only allow us to show off what we can do, but allow us to take away and store in our brains much more knowledge than we had before. ” (Holly Wickland, TYPO San Francisco Blog)

Joshua Davis is an American artist, designer, and technologist producing public and private works for companies, collectors, and institutions. Davis is renowned for pioneering an original method of computational, generative-art known as Dynamic Abstraction. Davis explores the technical and aesthetic limits of Flash and Illustrator to generate unique visual compositions according to rules-based, randomized processes.

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