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Ishan Khosla

Ishan Khosla

Designer (New Delhi)

Ishan Khosla is an artist, designer and teacher who works on a range of projects in typography, graphic and object design. While concept, research and storytelling are strong aspects of his work, he straddles the experimental world of art with the commercial realities of design — where he works on projects in branding, interactive design, books and print design, and projects that have a social impact and involve reinterpreting culture in dynamic new ways.

Returning to India in 2008, after a period of 12 years in the US, Ishan felt that there was real need to create an “Indian Design Language” based on Indian traditions, culture, crafts rather than blindly following western design trends.

His company, Ishan Khosla Design has been included in New Graphic Design — a book that looks at the 100 leading contemporary graphic designers in the world today. Through the self-funded “The Typecraft Project”, which combines design, technology and craft — Ishan hopes not only to support some of the languishing Indian crafts but also to create a greater awareness about the beauty and vitality of these traditional Indian handicrafts.

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