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Freda Sack

Freda Sack (Foundry Types)

Freda Sack has a passion for letterforms, and likes ‘making things happen’ typographically.

After studying typography at Maidstone College of Art, her career in type design began in the Letraset Type Studio, and later at URW, Hamburg where she was involved in the development of the first groundbreaking font software applications. In 1990 she set up The Foundry — one of the original independent type foundries — with David Quay, to design and produce their own typefaces.

In 2000 Freda set up her company Foundry Types to further develop The Foundry typeface library, and to continue with the design and implementation of specially commissioned typefaces. Her corporate fonts include NatWest; Yellow Pages directory; Brunel signage UK mainline stations; Lisbon Metro Portugal; Swiss International Airlines; Saudi Arabian Airlines; and WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature) multi-language.

She works extensively in design education, advising, lecturing, and mentoring. She was recently awarded an Honorary MA by University of the Creative Arts (UCA), and appointed to the Board of Governors. As a longstanding Director and Board member of ISTD [International Society of Typographic Designers], Freda is dedicated to promoting typography in all its inspiring forms.

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