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Bisrat Negassi

Fashion Designer (Hamburg)

Bisrat Negassi was born in Eritrea and grew up in Germany. She studied fashion design in Germany, Italy and the USA. She now works in Hamburg and Paris. Negassi describes her designs as “transcultural fashion”. It reflects not only her African roots, but also European and Asian influences.

We’ll talk to Bisrat and Frank Wache ( Juno Hamburg & MBASSY Co-Founder) about their joint project to promote African culture “M. Bassy”.

From the M. Bassy website:

“M. Bassy is about creating a truly international venue in Hamburg to celebrate and share afro-inspired and soulful art, fashion and music from all over the world. Bringing more aphrike* to the North.”

*Aphrike means “uncold” and is the name the ancient Greeks gave Africa.

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