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How do we have to learn today? What do our children need in order to be well prepared for the future? Where is “I”, where is “We”? Béa Beste collected ideas and impressions of an educational expedition on three continents. Education is her vocation.

After studying business engineering and social and economic communication she joined SAT1 Television, moved on to Boston Consulting Group and subsequently established the bilingual schools of Phorms Education in Berlin in 2005. Béas concept focuses on learning in a community with global education in local schools where each individual respects the other.

After CEOing her school for six years, Béa embarked on an educational expedition to India, Australia, Indonesia, and the USA in 2011. Inspired by the diversity of educational methodologies on an international scale, she began to develop PlayDUcation, a system to combine the worlds of learning and playing.

Béa will lead us to where “business” and “social” overlap and grants an amazing insight into how our brain runs on fun.

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