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Adobe Systems

Adobe Systems

Using the example of an advertising campaign, this presentation will demonstrate workflows and creative possibilities of Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium for print and web applications.

Speaker: Stefan Lamb, Systems Consultant, Adobe Systems GmbH
Having originally trained as a printing plate maker, Stefan Lamb then changed career and joined the advertising industry. For over five years he was employed by an advertising agency as a production artist and project coordinator. He has circa 20 years’ experience in pre-press and 10 years’ experience in web design. Six years ago he set up his own consultancy as a software trainer and media designer and has since then worked on a regular basis as a software expert for Adobe Systems.

Hans Peter Schneeberger is managing director of calibrate Workflow-Consulting GmbH, a company specializing in production process implementation for agencies, printing works and pre-press businesses. He also works for Adobe as a product specialist and promoter in the print and PDF field.
Additionally he works at the University of Linz, Austria, in the field of interactive media production and design, as a lecturer in media technology and design at the Fachhochschule Hagenberg and as a specialist tutor for pre-press at the MultiAugustinum (Salzburg region).

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