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Sarmishta Pantham

Design Studio (Berlin)

Sarmishta Pantham is a designer and maker based in Berlin. Over the past 14 years, she has worked in fashion, print, trend research and user experience design for brands like Levi’s, eBay, Blinkist and now, Marley Spoon, among others. Alongside her professional practice as a user experience designer, she runs a parallel practice named Handful– a playground for exploring interdisciplinary vocabularies through the lens of craft, culture and food. Between design, writing and photography, you’ll find her in her kitchen researching traditional delicacies for her next pop-up dinner series. Sarmishta earned a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Otis College of Art and Design in the USA and a Bachelors in Fashion Design from National Institute of Fashion Technology in India.

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Talent Talks

Where shall we nurture the grass roots of design in order to foster new ideas in the future? In response to this conundrum, Californian based design expert Kali Nikitas and TYPO have together created a new platform, Talent Talks, as a breeding ground for innovative new ideas and design concepts. Hailing from Antwerp, Berlin, Copenhagen, Ghent, Los Angeles, Montreal, Oslo and Rotterdam, the youngsters will each take 30 minutes to present their way of working and share their success stories. The common ground: fearlessness!

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