Lorenz Seeger

Founder of diesdas.digital & Project Manager of Der Zukunftsfonds (Northeim, Deutschland)

Lorenz Seeger was born on February 14, 1988 in Northeim. After secondary school and community service in lieu of the draft, he studied communications and multi-media design in Aachen and Maastricht.

At the end of 2015, Seeger joined with three colleagues to found the diesdas.digital agency, which bundles a skill set of strategy, branding, design, and development. Seeger works for clients such as Trivago, Volkswagen, Audi, Deutsche Post, Postbank, Red Bull, AZ Medien, and Der Zukunftsfonds. In addition, from 2015 to 2016, he was a lecturer at Berlin’s HTW University of Applied Sciences.


Kai Diekmann

Founder of Zukunftsfonds & Storymachine (Ravensburg, Germany)

Kai Diekmann was born in Ravensburg (Germany) on 27 June 1964. Till January 2017 he was publishing director of BILD. For 15 years prior to this, he was editor-in-chief of BILD.

Since 2004, Diekmann has been an independent member of the board of directors of Hürriyet; since 2011 he has served as non-executive director of the London Times; since 2017 member of the Public Policy Advisory Board, UBER, San Francisco. Since November 2017, he is also Chairman of the Freundeskreis Yad Vashem in Germany e.V.

Kai Diekmann is today the founder and shareholder of Der Zukunftsfonds and the Social Media Company Storymachine.

Diekmann has written and edited several books. He is married and has four children.


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