Alex Mecklenburg

Creative Thinker & Doer (London)

Alex Mecklenburg is a creative thinker, doer and problem solver. Her motto of curiosity, resourcefulness and resilience have guided her throughout her career in the creative industries. She started her journey 25 years ago at Ogilvy. Where she worked across multiple disciplines and regions, building global brands and campaigns for clients like Lufthansa, Unilever or GSK. She has since been MD at the global digital agency Huge, business partner at service design shop ‘We are Friday’ and Client Strategist at Edelman, collaboratively shaping new creative structures that delivered innovative products and services. In 2017 Alex started her latest adventure: leaving the corporate world to work collaboratively across multiple initiatives and organisations.

She is an Associate at the Digital Think Tank, a Co-founder at the Creative Business Consultancy Truth & Spectacle and a passionate collaborator at the innovation studio Lola. Throughout her career Alex has always been fascinated by how leaders, organisations and brands communicate, behave and operate in a constantly changing world. How to create the right foundations to stay creative, adaptable, resilient, relevant and good – whatever life throws at you.

Mind the hype

In her keynote, Alex is exploring the many ways that we – as an industry – deal with innovation.

A self-proclaimed innovation magpie, Alex has spent more than 20 years living in the purgatory of bleeding edge innovation. And for most of this time, she’s been on the quest to find the fulcrum of digital innovation – that magical place where service and product innovation strike the right balance between customer experience and operating complexity.

She faces squarely up to those key questions : when does challenge overbalance into provocation? Do Labs work? Why has maintenance got such a bad rap? Bringing clients’ questions, problems and musings to the forum. If not providing the answers, she certainly guarantees to inspire and provoke in equal measure.

Brand Talks

Brand Talks is the new rapid talk format on the second conference day. After the keynote by London-based branding expert Michael Johnson (johnson banks), talks change in a 30-minute cycle. The final talk gives Thomas Müller, Head of Design and Innovation at Fjord with his summary “The End of Branding As We’ve Known It”. Moderator of the Brand Talks: TYPO programme director Jürgen Siebert.

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